A theme for Hugo that is also used on this website.

(Planned) Features

  • Responsive
  • Multilanguage Support
  • Changes documented with GitHub (.Site.Params.giturl)
  • CC Copyright Icons (.Site.Params.{showCC, showBY, showSA, showNC, showNCEU, showNCJP, showND})
  • Main Menu
  • Links for imprint, privacy and copyright (languages.<lang>.params.{imprintPage, copyrightPage, privacyPage})
  • meta descriptions (frontmatter)
  • Sections can be sorted alphabetically as well as by title (.Site.Params.sectionsToSortAlphabetically = ["section1", "section2"])
  • Pages can be excluded from lists (noList: true)
  • Publish the whole article in the RSS feed (.Site.Params.ShowFullRSS)
  • Possibility to mark external links (.Site.Params.markExternalLinks)
  • Hide images from search engines (.Site.Params.noindexImages)